JCMS Special Issue January 2016 – Københavns Universitet

Ian Manners co-editor of JCMS' Special Issue January 2016

Together with Richard Whitman from University of Kent CEP researcher professor Ian Manners has edited the January 2016 special issue of Journal of Common Market Studies entitled Another Theory is Possible: Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe.

Pointing to the opening of a yawning chasm between scholarly attempts to theorise European union and the political realities of the EU in crisis the overall research question in this special issue asks how to explain why the gap between theoretical scholarship and political realities has opened over the past decade, and how to address this mismatch. The question is dealt with in an interdisciplinary setting and Manners and Whitman have gathered contributions from a broad range of so-called dissident voices, which have in common the need to question what is taken for granted in the EU and EU studies. Challenging mainstream EU scholarship this special issue argues that there is a need for opening up the mainstream discipline of EU studies to more polyphonic engagement with dissident voices and differing approaches.

Besides Ian Manners’ articles the special issue also includes contributions by CEP researchers professor Ben Rosamond and associate professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen.

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