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Bidrag til Special Issues

Meget af den forskning, der udføres af vores forskere, resulterer i Special Issues af anerkendte tidsskrifter inden for samfundsvidenskaben. Listen herunder giver et overblik over både special issues redigeret af vores forskere og special issues, der indeholder to eller flere artikler af forskere fra Center for Europæisk Politik.

Journal of European Public Policy, Volume 25, Issue 10, 2018

Special Issue: Free movement and non-discrimination in an unequal Union. Editors: Susanne K. Schmidt, Michael Blauberger and Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen

Articles by CEP researchers: 

Susanne K. SchmidtMichael Blauberger & Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen: "Free movement and equal treatment in an unequal union"

Michael Blauberger, Anita Heindlmaier, Dion Kramer, Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Jessica Sampson Thierry, Angelika Schenk & Benjamin Werner: "ECJ Judges read the morning papers. Explaining the turnaround of European citizenship jurisprudence"

Dion Kramer, Jessica Sampson Thierry & Franca van Hooren: "Responding to free movement: quarantining mobile union citizens in European welfare states"

Comparative European Politics

Comparative European Politics, Volume 15, Issue 3, May 2017

Special issue: The Rise of a European Healthcare Union Editors: Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen and Hans Vollaard

Articles by CEP researchers:

Hans Vollaard and Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen: "The rise of a European healthcare union" (Introduction)

Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen and Juan A Mayoral Díaz-Asensio: "A judicialisation of healthcare policies in Denmark and Spain? The universalist healthcare model meets the European Union" (abstract)

Nikolay Vasev, Karsten Vrangbæk and Filip Křepelka: "The end of eastern territoriality? CJEU compliance in the new member states." (abstract)

Journal of Common Market Studies, Volume 54, Issue 1, January 2016

Special Issue: Another Theory is Possible: Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe. Editors: Ian Manners and Richard Whitman.

Articles by CEP researchers:

Ian Manners and Richard Whitman: "Another Theory is Possible: Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe" (abstract)

Ben Rosamond: "Field of Dreams: the Discursive Construction of EU Studies, Intellectual Dissidence and the Practice of ‘Normal Science’ " (abstract)

Rebecca Adler-Nissen: "Towards a Practice Turn in EU Studies: The Everyday of European Integration" (abstract)

Ian Manners and Philomena Murray: "The End of a Noble Narrative? European Integration Narratives after the Nobel Peace Prize" (abstract)

Journal of European Public Policy, Volume 22, Issue 4, 2015

Special Issue: Legislative lobbying in context: the policy and polity determinants of interest group politics in the European Union. Edited by Heike KlüverCaelesta Braun & Jan Beyers.

Articles by CEP researchers:

Anne Skorkjær Binderkrantz & Anne Rasmussen: "Comparing the Domestic and EU Lobbying Context: Perceived Agenda-setting Influence in the Multi-level System of the European Union"

Joost Berkhout, Brendan J. Caroll, Caelesta Braun, Adam W. Chalmers, Tine Destrooper, David Lowery, Simon Otjes & Anne Rasmussen: "Interest Organizations across Economic Sectors: Explaining Interest Grorup Density in the European Union"

Journal of European Integration, Volume 37, Issue 2, 2015

Special Issue: Making Europe: The Sociology of Knowledge Meets European Integration. Edited by Rebecca Adler-Nissen & Kristoffer Kropp.

Articles by CEP researchers:

Rebecca Adler-Nissen & Kristoffer Kropp: "A Sociology of Knowledge Approach to European Integration: Four Analytical Principles" (abstract)

Ben Rosamond: "Performing Theory/Theorizing Performance in Emergent Supranational Governance: The ‘Live’ Knowledge Archive of European Integration and the Early European Commission" (abstract)

Ian Manners: "Sociology of Knowledge and Production of Normative Power in the European Union’s External Actions" (abstract)

West European Politics, Volume 37, Issue 4, 2014

Special Issue: Implementing Social Europe in Times of Crises. Edited by Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen & Hans Vollard (abstract)

Articles by CEP researchers:

Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen & Hans Vollaard: "Implementing Social Europe in Times of Crises: Re-established Boundaries of Welfare?" (abstract)

Nikolay Vasev & Karsten Vrangbæk: "Transposition and National-Level Resources: Introducing the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive in Eastern Europe" (abstract)

Journal of European Public Policy, Volume 21, Issue 9, 2014

Special Issue: Coping with power dispersion? Autonomy, co-ordination and control in multilevel systems. Edited by Mads Dagnis Jensen, Christel Koop & Michaël Tatham (abstract)

Articles by CEP researchers:

Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen & Ayca Uygur Wessel: "On the path to differentiation: upward transfer, logic of variation and sub-optimality in EU social policy" (abstract)

Mads Dagnis Jensen: "Negotiating the morass: measuring and explaining variation in co-ordination mechanisms in the European Union" (abstract)

Cooperation and Conflict March 2014; 49 (1)

Special Issue: Postimperial Sovereignty Games in Norden. Edited by Rebecca Adler-Nissen and Ulrik Pram Gad (abstract)

Articles by CEP researchers:

Rebecca Adler-Nissen: "The Faroe Islands: Independence dreams, globalist separatism and the Europeanization of postcolonial home rule"

Ulrik Pram Gad: "Greenland: A post-Danish sovereign nation state in the making" (abstract)

Cooperation and Conflict June 2013; 48 (2)

Special Issue on Normative Power Europe. Edited by: Kalypso Nicolaïdis and Richard G Whitman.

Articles by CEP researchers:

Owen Parker and Ben Rosamond:" 'Normative power Europe' meets economic liberalism: Complicating cosmopolitanism inside/outside the EU" (abstract)

Ian Manners: "Assessing the decennial, reassessing the global: Understanding European Union normative power in global politics" (abstract)