Publikationer fra 2010 – Københavns Universitet

Publikationer fra 2010

Publikationer fra centeret for 2010

  • Adler-Nissen, Rebcca (2010) 'Straightjacket or Sovereignty Shield? The Danish Opt-Out on Justice and Home Affairs and Prospects after the Treaty of Lisbon', i N. Hvidt & H. Mourtizen (red.) Danish Foreign Policy Yearbook 2010. København: Institut for Internationale Studier/Dansk Center for Internationale Studier og Menneskerettigheder, s. 137-161.
  • Duina, Francesco & Peter Nedergaard (2010) 'Learning in International Governmental Organizations: The Case of Social Protection', Global Social Policy, 10(2): 193-217.
  • Dyson, Kenneth & Marcussen, Martin (2010) 'Transverse Integration in European Economic Governance: Between Unitary and Differentiated Integration', Journal of European Integration, 32(1): 17-39.
  • Gad, Ulrik Pram (2010) 'Will Turkey ever become European? The difficulty of deferring decision',  i Ulrik Pram Gad (How) can They become like Us?: Danish identity politics and the conflicts of 'Muslim relations', PhD afhandling, Ph.d.-serien, 3(2010), København: Københavns Universitet.
  • Grøn, Caroline (2010) 'Same procedure as last year?: An analysis of constellations of trust and control in management in the European Commission', Ph.d.-serien, 2010(1). København: Københavns Universitet, 385 s.
  • Lupu Dinesen, Ruxandra (2010) 'External democracy promotion in Ukraine and Moldova: the impact of the European Union', DIIS Working Paper.
  • Manners, Ian (2010) 'As You Like It: European Union Normative Power in the European  Neighbourhood Policy', i Richrad Whitman & Stefan Wolff (red.) The European Neighbourhood Policy in Perspective: Context, Implementation and Impact. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, s. 29-50.
  • Marcussen, Martin, Jarle Trondal & Frode Veggeland (2010) 'Is the Commission all that Different?: Reflections on Comparative International Bureaucracies', i Jarle Trondal (red.) An Emergent European Executive Order. Oxford: Oxford University Press, s. 109-125.
  • Marcussen, Martin (2010) "Krisen og økonomisk samarbejde i Europa", Samfundsøkonomen, 1: 16-22.
  • Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg & Marlene Wind (2010) 'When National Courts go to Europe. Reluctant or active players in the integration process?', i H. Koch, K. Hagel Sørensen, U. Haltern & Joseph Weiler (red.) Europe: The New Legal Realism: Essays in Honour of Hjalte Rasmussen. København: Djøf/ Jurist og Økonomforbundet.
  • Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg & Torben Beck Jørgensen (2010) 'Accountability as a Differentiated Value in Supranational Governance', American Review of Public Administration, 40(4).
  • Nedergaard, Peter (2010) Lissabontraktaten - en politologisk analyse. København: Djøf Jurist- og Økonomforbundet, 190 s.
  • Nedergaard, Peter (2010) Politik i Europa: Konflikt, samarbejde og institutioner i de europæiske politiske systemer. København: Forlaget Columbus, 171 s.
  • Rosamond, Ben & Alex Warleigh-Lack (2010) 'Across the EU Studies-New Regionalism Frontier: an Invitation to Dialogue', Journal of Common Market Studies, 48(4).
  • Rosamond, Ben (2010) 'New Theories of European Integration', i Michelle Cini (red.) European Union Politics, 3. udgave. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Wind, Marlene (2010) 'The Nordics, the EU and the reluctance towards Supranational Judicial Review', Journal of Common Market Studies, 48(4): 1039-1063.
  • Wivel, Anders (2010) Small States in Europe med Robert Steinmetz (red.). Storbritannien & USA: Ashgate.
  • Wæver, Ole (2010) "Magtesløshed og Mangfoldighed: Verden efter Vestens Vælde", Udenrigs.