Publikationer fra 2017 – Københavns Universitet

Publikationer fra 2017

Publikationer for 2017

  • Adler-Nissen, Rebecca (2017). Are we 'Nazi Germans' or 'Lazy Greeks'? Negotiating International Hierarchies in the Euro Crisis. In: Zarakol, A. ed., Hierarchies in World Politics, 2017. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Bossetta, M.  and Dutceac Segesten, A. (2017) 'Sharing is Caring: Labour Supporters' Use of Social Media #GE2017' in E. Thorsen, D. Jackson, and D. Lilliker (Eds.) UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters, and the Campaign. 
  • Bossetta, M. and Dutceac Segesten, A.  (2017) 'The Eurosceptic Europeanization of Public Spheres: Print and Social Media Reactions to the 2014 European Parliament Elections'. Comparative European Politics
  • Bossetta, M., Dutceac Segesten, A. and Trenz, H.J. (2017) “Political Participation on Facebook during Brexit: Does User Engagement on Media Pages Stimulate Engagement with Campaigns?” Journal of Language and Politics.
  • Bossetta, M. (2017) 'Fighting Fire with Fire: Mainstream Adoption of the Populist Style in the 2014 Europe Debates between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage'. British Journal of Politics and International Relations.
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  • Nielsen, Julie Hassing and Mark. N. Franklin (2017). The Eurosceptic 2014 European Parliament Elections: Second Order or Second Rate? Palgrave Macmillan. For more visit: 
  • Nielsen, Julie Hassing and Mark. N. Franklin (2017). 'The 2014
    European Parliament Elections: Still Second Order?' in Nielsen J. H. and
    M. N. Franklin (eds) The Eurosceptic 2014 European Parliament Elections: Second
    Order or Second Rate? Chapter 1
  • Nielsen, Julie Hassing and Mark N. Franklin (2017). 'Conclusions: the 2014 EP Elections as a Lens on Euroscepticism" in Nielsen J. H. and M. N. Franklin (eds) The
    Eurosceptic 2014 European Parliament Elections: Second Order or Second Rate? Chapter 12
  • Pedersen, Morten Jarlbæk (2017). 'Defining 'Better': Investigating a New Framework to Understand Quality of Regulation'. European Journal of Law Reform18(2), 159-178.
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  • Persson, Anders (2017): Palestine at the end of the state-building process: Technical achievements, political failures, Mediterranean Politics
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