EURECO (European Research at the University of Copenhagen) was a research cooperative between the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Humanities. EURECO's aim was to generate cutting edge research on the EU with an international impact.

There were two primary goals with EURECO. The first goal was to strengthen the interdisciplinary study of Europe at University of Copenhagen. This was done by awarding minor grants to interfaculty activities and projects. The second goalwas to convey knowledge retrieved from research on the topic of Europe to the general public. Therefore, EURECO presented the EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series every year and organized a number of other public events.

The formal organization of EURECO was similar to an umbrella structure with participation of either one or more research centers from the three faculties. The principle management was handled by the Steering Committee, while EURECO’s AcademicBoard/Coordination group was responsible for the everyday coordination of activities (including the EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series) and awarding smaller EURECO grants.

The EURECO Secretariat was located at the Department of Political Science and the administrative tasks were handled by EURECO’s research coordinator and student assistants.