1 April 2019

Wind to talk at European Commission

Professor Marlene Wind will be speaking at the European Commission on the 1st of April in Brussel under the title: “Can the new European populism be overcome?”.

The EU is facing an apparent paradox today: populism is rising (particularly after the election Trump and the Brexit vote) and at the same time data show that Europeans have never supported the EU more than now. Is this a real paradox or do we witness today a new form of skepticism looking at staying in the EU and transforming it from within? What would this mean in terms of the values and the direction of the European project? Will the difficult Brexit negotiations lead to an attempt by populists  to push Europe in a different direction rather than dissolve it? This talk sets out to explain what this may mean in light of the upcoming European elections and which challenges this may pose for those who continue to see the EU as a truly democratic project.

She will be speaking in the run up for the European elections.