7 February 2020

The Tribalization of Europe

In her latest book, The Tribalization of Europe – A Defence of our Liberal Values, professor Marlene Wind describes what seems for her to be one of the major challenges for Europe – the ongoing tribalization of the European countries. In professor Wind’s opinion, the tribalization, driven by the spread of anti-globalization and identity politics, has severe consequences for the European democracies and has already lead to violations of fundamental liberal democratic values in a range of European countries.

Her book is a wakeup call for Europe to defend democratic values again multiple populist movements that, according to professor Wind, might threaten the liberal foundation of the EU, as we know it.


‘The Tribalization of Europe is a hard-headed analysis of the turn towards narrow populist nationalism, as well as an impassioned defence of the liberal values needed to sustain a democratic political future.’
Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University

‘Marlene Wind has written an eloquent, magisterial and compelling warning: the degradation of democracy to extreme majoritarianism and adherence to the tribe (even if a tribe of citizens) fundamentally questions our common democratic values.’
Carlos Closa, European University Institute

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