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18 June 2015

Adler-Nissen: A close race for the status quo


The willingness to rethink the Danish approach to the EU may be the biggest difference between two blocs with otherwise similar agendas.

The past three weeks' elections campaign have for the most part featured the familiar topics of jobs and immigration. The dominant political agendas have many similarities, and the election is thus best described as 'a close race for the status quo'.

EU-policy may turn out to be the most significant dividing line between the blocs, despite the fairly marginal roles of foreign- and EU-policies in the election campaign.

Last week, the four largest right-wing parties promised to work for an alliance with the UK government on EU matters. Furthermore, the last couple of years have seen a massive increase in support for Danish People's Party, whose euroscepticism is bound to influence a potential right-wing goverment.

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