09 May 2019

Professor Ben Rosamond gives JCMS Keynote Lecture on 'European integration and the politics of economic ideas'

Professor Ben Rosamond will give the JCMS keynote lecture on 'European integration and the politics of economic ideas: Economics, economists and market contestation in the Brexit debate' to the European Union Studies Association of the USA in Denver CO on Thursday 9th May 2019. The Journal of Common Market Studies (JCMS) is the premier journal of EU studies and the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) is the world’s largest biannual meeting of EU studies specialists. In the lecture Prof. Rosamond argues that the debate about British withdrawal from the EU (Brexit) demonstrates the role of economic ideas and ideas about the economy in the politics of ‘market contestation’ within European integration.

This acknowledgement of Prof. Rosamond to give the JCMS lecture recognises his leading contribution to the political economy and theoretical study of European integration over the past 25 years. It is the first time a Scandinavian scholar has been recognised in this way, During his career Prof. Rosamond has published the leading book on theories of European integration and ranks among the world’s top scholars on the international political economy of European integration. The lecture will be subsequently published as the lead article in a forthcoming issue of JCMS.

 The lecture is held on Thursday, 9th May (‘Europe Day’) in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Denver Downtown, Denver, Colorado, USA.