10 December 2019

Professor Anne Rasmussen has been awarded the ERC-grant

Professor Anne Rasmussen has been awarded a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for her new project: “ADVODID – Advocacy in Digital Democracy: Use, Impact & Democratic Consequences”. The main goal of the project is to explore, how the use of online and offline advocacy tools by different advocacy groups affects participatory democracies in eight countries.

According to professor Rasmussen, the wide-spreading use of digital advocacy tools might have severe consequences for the quality of democracies across the world. Therefore, she intends to analyze data from five different continents, focusing on the use of digital tools in political campaigns and its implications for modern democracies. In addition to this, she will offer some suggestions of how to strengthen modern democracies in an online age.

Read about her project in “ERC 2019 consolidator grants examples” on the webpage of the ERC.