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21 June 2017

Postdoc Anders Persson with new publication

Anders PerssonPostdoc Anders Persson published his new article "Palestine at the end of the state-building process: Technical achievements, political failures" the 15th of June.

The resume goes: More than two decades of Palestinian state-building have produced neither peace nor a state. In fact, the Palestinians are seemingly further away from statehood today than at any point since the state-building process began in the mid-90s, despite the fact that the West Bank’s institutions now perform, according to the UN, the EU, the World Bank and IMF, above the threshold for what is expected of a state.

In this situation – with the Palestinians technically ready for statehood and large parts of Europe and the U.S. not politically ready to recognize Palestine – it is unclear what strategic objectives the internationally supported state-building process now can achieve in the Palestinian territories, except for upholding the status quo.

The publication is available here.