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10 June 2014

Wind comments on the European Parliament Election

Marlene Wind, EU, European Parliament Election, Denmark, The Danish Peoples Party

Professor Marlene Wind commented on the result of the Danish European Parliament Election where the Danish Peoples Party became the greatest party in Denmark.

Professor Marlene Wind gave her analysis of the astounding result of the European Parliament Election to the Wall Street Journal. Here, she explains why the nationalist party, the Danish Peoples Party with Morten Messerschmidt as lead candidate achieved such a great result. Her explanation is, that they managed to set an agenda that even the EU-positive parties had to follow – that is an agenda on the threat of the Eastern European workers to the Danish Welfare State. This strategy can only be viewed as successful since the Danish Peoples Party secured 4 out of 13 mandates, thus becoming the great winner of the election in Denmark.

Read the article at the Wall Street Journal here.