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01 February 2018

Marlene Wind subject to international news storm after debate

22. january Institute for Political Science had invited the spanish politician and separatist leader Carles Puidgemont for a debate. The debate was chaired by Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, Head of the Department. Professor of Political Theory Christian Rostbøll and Professor Marlene Wind challenged the Spanish guest on his views. Director of centre for European Politics Marlene Wind was critical in regards to the separatist leader with an appeal about: the validity of the referendum, the motivation to get rid of, as well as the European perspective on the whole situation. It caused great stir, and Marlene Wind became the center of great media attention.

Great interest from Spanish media 
After the debate, there was a lot of interest from Spanish media. The Spanish separatist leader had so far avoided the Spanish press, and thus did not relate to the critical voices against the independence movement he is the leader of.

Marlene Wind followed up the debate with an interview with the Spanish media El MundoEl Español og El Pais. Marlene Wind also recieved reviews in spanish media as La Vanguardia and Voz Populi. The reason for the great Spanish awareness has been described by many as a result of the fact that the professor was critical. El Pais described Marlene Wind's approach to Puidgemont as: Marlene Wind's tough interrogation of Puidgemont.

Danish awareness
After the interview, Marlene Wind was in DR2 Deadline to talk about the meeting with the Spanish separatist leader. Here she was asked about how she perceived Puidgemont's criticism of the EU's lack of assistance to the Catalan movement: 
"He [Puidgemont ed.] has this idea of ​​the EU of small nation states. [...] It's just a very diffuse idea he has. On the one hand, there is a suspicion that the EU does not back him up and, on the other hand, he says he is the great Europeans and wants Catalonia to join the EU. "

Marlene Wind was also asked what the EU thinks about the conflict internally in Spain:

"Firstly, one must say the EU consists of a club of countries and Spain represents the whole of Spain. That's why the EU is taking Spain's position. Unless there is solid documentation for the undermining of fundamental rights in the country. [...] But, as Spain is a democracy and member of the European Union, it is a Spanish matter. But EU is also concerned that this will inspire other separatist movements around the EU. " In addition, she also pointed out that the Spanish Prime Minister has been pressured by the EU to follow a better process than was the case during the referendum.

In addition to the DR2 Deadline, the professor was also in Radio 24/syv to talk about the interview.

Last but not least, Politiken collected the entire review in an article d. January 24th. The article is partly a reportage on the day as well as it describes why the professor is called "Twitter users's heroine" in the days following the interview.