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27 October 2016

Marlene Wind in Europe's World

In the 33rd edition of magazine Europe’s World professor Marlene Wind is contributing with an article on the Danish EU debate after Brexit. With her article “Dexit” off the table as Danish Euroscepticism abates Marlene Wind questions whether Denmark will copy the British and make a Dexit. Marlene Wind highlights the growing support within Denmark to stay in the European Union as well as in other EU countries,  and she emphasizes that the Danish government along with the Social Democrats are strongly against an in-or-out referendum like the British. Professor Wind also stresses the strong historic relationship between Denmark and the UK in both social policies, trading and within negotiations in the European Council. Though the Danish Prime Minster wish to see a close relationship with the UK in the future and as an ally in the negotiations with the Council Marlene Wind emphasizes that a too attractive deal for Britain would might give the euro-sceptics in Denmark new impetus to agitate for a referendum or even a Dexit.

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