19 November 2020

Marlene Wind in debate on Rule of Law in the EU

Tuesday november 19th Marlene Wind participated in a debate on the current situation of Rule of Law in Europe with members of the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament, Morten Helveg Petersen and Katalin Cseh.

The new rule of law mechanism, which has been agreed on between the Council and the European Parliament, but which Poland and Hungary have vetoed the Budget and recovery fund, was discussed among the participants. In addition, they also discussed whether the new rule of law mechanism is enough to change the current situation in countries like Hungary. Here, Katalin as a Hungarian had unique insights into the national state of affairs.

It was also relevant to discuss recent developments in this area, which have meant that the EU has once again been thrown into a crisis without a new multi-annual budget and recovery plan. What do we do in the future and what do we do to prevent more countries from developing in the same direction as Poland and Hungary?

You can see the entire debate here.