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16 April 2015

Manners contributes to Handbook of European Politics


Professor Ian Manners has contributed to Handbook of European Politics with a chapter titled 'Theories and Myths of European Foreign Policy' making him a contributor to all three major EU handbooks.

Thinking about European foreign policy (EFP) can be frustrated by the uncertainties of terms and definitions, as well as by the exclusive tendencies of foreign policy analysis. The chapter adopts a pan-European approach in analysing EFP at the interfaces of international, supranational and transnational policy processes. This analysis includes the consideration of the foreign policies of EU and non-EU states, as well as the impact of the European integration processes on both members and non-members alike. In a similar vein, the chapter seeks to review the literature on collective European activity, whether international, supranational or transnational, in order to identify common patterns.

Professor Ian Manners has now, uniquely, contributed to all three major handbooks of EU/European politics/studies.

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