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08 November 2016

Ian Manners gives research briefing on Brexit

Ian Manners gives research briefing to members of the Folketing's European Affairs Committee and Danish Members of the European Parliament on 'Where Does The Brexit Debate Stand In The United Kingdom Right Now?'

Professor Manners's research briefing set out how the unconvincing referendum context, the UK government omnishambles, and divisive Brexit debates have opened a rupture at the heart of British society and politics that will dominate and dissolve the notion of a united kingdom this century. The unconvincing referendum context, with a meaningless referendum and indecisively close result primarily explained by structural inequality, leaves UK politics scarred by the realisation that there is no one nation called Britain. The subsequent UK government omnishambles driven by party politics, incompetent ministers, and a right-wing political agenda, significantly reduces the possibility of a good outcome for Britain. The divisive Brexit debates that are only just beginning over legal, political, social, economic, conflict, and environmental questions will divide and disunite Britain in a way unseen in modern British history. It must be recalled that prior to the global financial crisis and Conservative government austerity programme, the UK’s membership of the EU was a second-order issue, behind first-order national political, social, and economic issues. The events of 2016 will be remembered for reversing the poles of UK politics by submersing genuine UK socio-economic challenges of inequality, disadvantage, poverty, and injustice beneath the veneer of nationalism and neoliberal ideology.

Link to paper: Ian Manners - Where does the Brexit debate stand in the United Kingdom - 7 November 2016