10 January 2019

Centre for European Politics Workshop leads to Special Issue 'The Occupation at 50: EU-Israel/Palestine relations since 1967'

In the spring of 2017 Anders Persson, post-doctoral researcher in the CEP, organised a Departmental-sponsored public lecture and workshop marking the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Palestine at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. The published volume of this workshop was published on the 23rd December 2018. As the abstract from Anders Persson’s introduction to the special issue sets out:

“2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1967 war and of Israel’s occupation of what the European Union (EU) considers, in accordance with international law, to be Palestinian and Syrian territories. Almost as long is the involvement of the EU in the conflict, beginning with the formation of the European Political Cooperation agreement in 1970. This makes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict one of the longest, sustained cases of active EU involvement in world politics. In the EU’s 2003 security strategy, resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was defined as a ‘a strategic priority for Europe’ and one of the keys for ‘dealing with other problems in the Middle East.’… The purpose of this special issue has been to bring together the leading voices in the field of EU-Israel/Palestine relations to reflect on the relations between the EU and the two parties since 1967.”

Anders Persson and professor Ian Manners have both contributed with articles in the special issue.

Find the special issue here.