18 August 2022

Dorte Martinsen with new research about EU healthcare policy

During the COVID-19 crisis, European Union health policy became high politics. However, key parts of EU health cooperation have long developed more discretely in European administrative networks (EANs) and become core building blocks in the institutional architecture of an EU health policy. In these networks, health experts interact regularly and, by doing so, pool key resources and develop common standards.

CEP researcher Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen has in particular been investigating the structure of the EU's health policy together with Reini Schrama and Ellen Mastenbroek in their new article: “Networked Health Cooperation in the European Union: Horizontal or Hierarchical?"

Among other things, they find that the pooling of resources and expert competences on EU level is essential for the public healthcare supply, and that these EANs function as important building blocks for the development of a 'European Health Union'. Furthermore, they find that the structure of the existing networks is hierarchical, which allows some member countries to set agendas and place themselves in powerful positions.

Click here to read the blog post about the article.

Click here to read the article.