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07 April 2016

Professor Adler-Nissen explains Dutch 'No' in recent EU referendum


Yesterday the Dutch voted against a treaty between the European Union and Ukraine. The referendum is technically non-binding, but marks a rising EU sentiment, Professor Rebecca Adler-Nielsen tells Bloomberg.

Many EU critics view the Dutch ‘no’ as a victory, because it levels the playing field for a rise in the number of anti-EU referendums. Furthermore, with the British referendum regarding an exit from the EU, it seems the EU is coping with more than just the economic problems and the security challenges deriving from the huge refugee and immigrant influx. Essentially, the EU is dealing with an identity crisis where anti-EU sentiment is threatening the core of the EU.

- Many “are voting ‘No’ because they want to give a signal against the EU or Ukraine, or they just don’t know what this association agreement is about," Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen explains to Bloomberg.

- Part of “the outcome can be explained by anti-EU sentiment," while there is also a surge of the anti-establishment feeling being seen in politics in the U.S. and elsewhere, she explains.

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