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12 February 2015

CEP members provide Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe

CEP members Associate Professor Rebecca Alder-Nissen, Professor Ben Rosamond, and Professor Ian Manners participated in the 'Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe' workshop at the University of Kent on 26 January 2015.

The past decade has witnessed a yawning chasm open between scholarly attempts to theorise European union and the political realities of the EU in crisis. The decade that has witnessed the ascendency of political systems analysis, neo-liberal assumptions of efficiency and Europeanisation studies within Europe has also seen the failure of intergovernmental attempts to reform the EU, economic crisis across Europe, and a collapse in popular support for the European project.

The workshop is part of a new agenda on 'Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe: Another Theory is Possible' which will be published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Common Market Studies in 2016.

Further details: https://polsci.ku.dk/english/staff/PhD_Internal/?pure=en%2Factivities%2Fdissident-voices-in-theorising-europe(0dd90230-5cfd-4cc1-b751-7e538f023a90).html