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Archive of newsletters from the Centre for European Politics

Archive of CEP published newsletters. The newsletter contains updates on the latest events, publications and news concerning research within CEP. Each newsletter also holds the CEP column written by one of the CEP researchers on their recent research.


Newsletter, Summer 2017
The summer edition of the newsletter unveils the detail for this fall's EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series 2017. This year the theme for the lecture series is 'Europe in the age of Trump'. The newsletter also presents the many intriguing events, that the centre has hosted in the spring. As always, the newsletter furthermore introduces the newest research, publications and activities from the centre.

Newsletter, Spring 2017
In the first quarterly newsletter in 2017, we present CEPs coming events, the newest publications and the quarterly research column. Join the conference about the EU involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or hear the Danish Ambassador to Germany, Arne Friis Petersen, talk about the implications of the upcoming German election in the autumn of 2017. You can also read this month's research column by professor Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen who has investigated the financial impact of the EU Freedom of Movement Act on the Danish welfare state.


Newsletter Winter 2016

Newsletter June 2016


Newsletter October 2015
In the third quarterly newsletter of 2015, you can read about out big conference on the Justice and Home Affairs opt-out, that will take place in the Ceremonial Hall on the 3rd of November. The new publications by Ian Manners and Dorte Sindbjerg aldo feature in the newsletter. The research column, "Unravelling a well-tossed bowl of spaghetti, or: Surveying the debate on the Danish Justice and Home Affairs opt-out in the light of the refugee crisis"is written by the two student assistants at CEP, Christina la Cour and Clara Lambert, and examines the relation between the referendum on the opt-out and the refugee crisis in Europe.

Newsletter July 2015
In this year's second edition of the CEP newsletter, you can read about out latest events - a roundtable debate on the TTIP and a seminar on the implications of a possible Brexit. TTIP is also the topic of the research column where Associate Professor Jens Ladefoged Mortensen presents the different perspectives at play in the debate. The registration for this year's EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series in now officially open. The lecture series bears the title  "Democracy and Human Rights in Europe”.

Newsletter March 2015
In this latest issue, you can read about the forthcoming seminar ‘British Exit from the EU? Legal and Political Implications for Europe’. The seminar invites Experts on British relations to the EU to address the consequences for the European Union, should British voters decide it is in UK's interest to secede from the EU. You can also read about Professor Joseph Weiler’s successful visit, where he gave the talk: ‘Sleepwalking Again: Europe and the End of the Pax Americana 1914-2014’. In addition, you can read that Associate Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen has won an internationally recognized award for her book ‘Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration’. Professor Ian Manners has written the research column entitled ‘The Political Psychology of European Integration – being mindful of Europe’.


Newsletter October 2014
The October issue of the CEP newsletter contains the invitation for a conference on cross-border patients' rights in the EU organized by CEP in collaboration with WELMA and CHEP. As a speaker at the conference, Professor Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen is the author of the researcher column in which you can read more about the issues at stake. In addition, you can read about the prominent researchers from abroad who have visited CEP over the last few months and get some insights on Associate Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen's new book 'Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration'.

Newsletter June 2014
In this newsletter you can read about CEP's activities during the European Parliament Elections in May 2014. Among others, you can read about the CEP researchers' media appearances in the Danish media. Furthermore, you can read about CEP's past events and debates on the European Parliament Elections. You can also read about the new Post doc. at CEP Henrik Hermansson’ and his research project ‘Predictions for Success: Legislative agenda-setting in the EU’. An in-depth interview with Henrik can, as well, be found at CEP’s website.
Post doc. Holly Snaith has written the researcher column in which she contemplates on the relationship between the Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurozone.

Newsletter February 2014
In the newletter from February you can read about two upcoming debates of spring 2014. First, CEP is hosting a debate on the Scottish referendum, the possible Brexit, and perspectives for Denmark. Second, CEP will be focusing on the upcoming election for the European Parliament and are therefore hosting a political and academic debate prior to the election. PhD fellow Nikolay Vasev has written the researcher column in which he makes a critical analysis of the possible Brexit and the consequences it would entail.


Newsletter October 2013
In this edition you can read about two upcoming guest lectures in November by Professor Philippe Van Parijs and by Professor Mark Blyth. You can also read about the Work in Progress Seminar with Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis and get information on the new book “Denmark and the European Union” with contributions from CEP researchers. PhD fellow Ayca Uygur has written the researcher column in which she discusses the judicial system of Turkey and Turkey's Armenian minority.

Newsletter June 2013
In this newsletter you can read about CEP's successful Study trip to Brussels with 20 students of political science as well as EURECO's upcoming lectures in the fall of 2013. Research Assistant Majka Holm has written the researcher column in which she describes the process of Croatia's EU Accession and analyzes the impact EU has on future membership countries.

Newsletter March 2013
In the first newsletter of 2013 you can read about two new researchers at CEP, Ian Manners and Jette Steen Knudsen, and an upcoming conference on the future of Europe which CEP is organizing in cooperation with DI and CO-industry. Assistant Professor Julie Hassing Nielsen has written the researcher column in which she discusses whether enhanced participation in decision-making processes will lead to more pro-EU sentiments.


Newsletter December 2012
In the forth and final newsletter of the year we look back at 2012 at CEP and inform about three interesting workshops organized by researchers at the Centre. Assistant Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen has written the researcher column in which she addresses the controversial nature of the EU’s External Action Service and argues for the importance of the symbolic struggles involved in the establishment of this new diplomatic body.

Newsletter October 2012
In this edition, which is the first entirely in English, you can read about the forthcoming CEP conference on the Danish No to the Maastricht Treaty 20 years ago that also marks the 40 years of Danish EU-membership. In the researcher column Professor Marlene Wind analyses the Danish attitudes towards the European project over the years and outlines what consequences a two-speed Europe may have for a small open economy such as the Danish.

Newsletter June 2012
In the second newsletter of 2012 you can read about the visit from the General Affairs Committee and three renowned EU researchers. Information on The Danish European Community Studies Associations annual Conference will also be available. Finally, in this edition's research column, Professor Peter Nedergaard explores the Danish EU-Presidency, and evaluates on its performance.

Newsletter March 2012
In the first newsletter of 2012 you can read about the national Research Day which this year has the future of EUrope as the main theme, and that CEP has recently become a member of the European network called EPIN which is a gathering of think tanks and research institutions. In the column Postdoc Mads Dagnis Jensen explores Poland's first presidency of the EU, which took place in the second half of 2011.


Newsletter December 2011
In this newsletter you can read about the EURECO Honary Lecture with Professor Jo Shaw from Edinburgh Law School. You can also read about EU-Commissioner on Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström's visit in Copenhagen, where she participated in a debat on the EU Migration Law and Policy. The column is written by PhD fellow Lau Blaxekjær and is on EU's challenges as the global leader in climate policy.

Newsletter May 2011
This newsletter contains informations on the EURECO Honary Lecture given by Professor Simon Hix on democracy in the EU. You can also read about the debat on European foreign policy with EU-ambassador Peter Sørensen, former Danish foreign minister Mogens Lykketoft, and Assistent professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen. The column is written by Professor Ben Rosamond and explores the paradox of falling support for the EU at a time when the European public seems to expect European-level action to deal with the continuing effects of the financial crisis.

Newsletter March 2011
The column of this newsletter is written by Professor Emeritus Morten Kelstrup on the Euro Pact. Furthermore the newsletter contains articles on the farewell reception of the very same professor, and about Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard's Lecture on 'EU's Role in the Climate Change Negotiations'.


Newsletter December 2010

Newsletter October 2010

Newsletter July 2010 

Newsletter February 2010


Newsletter October 2009