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CEP Researchers in the Media

It is of great importance for CEP to contribute to the public debate. Our researchers are thus participating in a variety of contexts. Here you can find information about which topics our researchers are specialized in and links to the individual researcher's profile with contact details, publication list etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to

Which topics do the CEP-researchers talk about?

Ben Rosamond
Professor and Vicedirector of CEP

- European Union History
- EU Economic Governance
- Democracy og Legitimacy in the EU
- Britain and the EU

Caroline Grøn
Assistant Professor

- The Institutions in the EU
- The European-Commission

Dorte Martinsen Professor

- EU and the welfare state
- Healthcare rights in the European Union
- EU social policy
- Europeanization of public policies
- Enforcement and compliance with European law

Jens Ladefoged Mortensen
Associated Professor

- Global Political Economy of European Integration 
- EU Trade Policy
- EU External Relations
- EU Climate and Environment policies
- EU Agricultural and Food Politics
- EU Energy Market

Marlene Wind
Professor & Director of CEP

The interplay between law and politics within the European Union: - Free Movement.
- Internal Market. 
- Union Citizenship.
- Institutional Changes within the EU. 
- Immigration.
- EU Economic Policy.

Peter Nedergaard

- EU and Business Affairs
- Lobbyisme
- The EMU
- The Euro Pact
- EU’s Institutions
- The Lisbon Treaty
- EU Trade Policy
- EU Development Policy 
- The Danish EU-decision making process
- European Union History
- EU Agricultural Politics


 - EU's history and overall development
 - The Council of Ministers and The European Council
 - Treaty negotiations
 - The Danish EU Presidency
 - Danish European Policy
 - Opt-outs and EU in several speeds
 - Euro and economic and financial cooperation
 - Justice and Home Affairs (asylum, migration, civil law and police cooperation and criminal law)
 - EU foreign policy and the EU external action service
 - EU's overseas countries and territories