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 Ellemann & Lykketoft

- with Ulla Tørnæs (V) and Jeppe Kofod (S)


On May 13th, Centre for European Politics hosted a special edition of the Danish TV-show 'Ellemann&Lykketoft' in collaboration with Venstre and the Socialdemocrats. The panel debate had a fairly broad scope discussing everything posing a possible challenge or opportunity to the EU in 2014 based on concerns raised by the audience.

As part of the panel, professor and centre director Marlene Wind initiated the debate giving her analysis of the forthcoming election. Wind described the Danish EU reservations as a long engagement filled with doubts about the commitment and the longing for a more suitable life partner. However, without a better alternative having presented itself so far, the Danes have started to accept their dependence upon the EU although continuosly testing its boundaries and preconditions.

With a lot of interesting questions from the audience, the debate took form. Among the topics were current issues such as the situation in Ukraine, the Danish welfare state, the economic crisis and the prospects for establishing a banking union.