About Centre for European Politics

Centre for European Politics (CEP) is a research centre at Department of Political Science at University of Copenhagen. The centre was established in October 2007 and concerns itself with research within the field of European politics, especially research on the European Union.

The centre researches in subjects such as EU’s political system and institutional development, EU’s relation to international politics, europeanization and implementation as well as individual states’ – including Denmark’s – relationship with the European Union.

The research output includes analyses of the national in the European, the European per se and Europe’s development in a global context.

The Centre for European Politics emphasizes co-operation with other researchers, both nationally and internationally, and attaches great weight to strengthening the research networks in Denmark and the rest of the world.

The purpose of the centre is to strengthen the University of Copenhagen in the international research field, to take educational initiatives and to make sure that the work of the Centre’s many internationally acknowledged researchers is brought to public notice in an approachable form.