Europe beyond Europe 2010 Spring

Europe beyond Europe Spring 2010. Design: peter lübben photography.

What role does Europe and the EU play in a globalizing world and how does the EU’s Lisbon Treaty affect this role? What are the external challenges facing Europe today and how can they be understood in a political, historical, juridical and cultural perspective?

April 27 - EU Development Law: Dependence or Partnership?

Professor Morten Broberg, Legal Studies in Welfare and EU Market Integration, 
Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

April 20 - European Life-Modes at Sea: The EU’s Fisheries Policy as Human Tragedy or Triumph?

Professor Thomas Højrup, Ethnology, The SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen.

April 6 – Nationalism and National Identities in Europe: Challenges of Belonging in the Face of Globalization.

Professor Ulf Riber Hedetoft, The SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen.

March 23 - After COP15: What Role for Europe in the World’s Struggle against Global Warming?

Professor Mikael Skou Andersen, National Environmental Research Institute, 
Aarhus University.

February 23 - European Diplomacy after Lisbon: Laggard or Leader in Foreign Affairs?

Assistant Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Centre for European Politics, 
Department of Political Science University of Copenhagen.