7 Tales of Europe 2011 Spring

Seven Tales of Europe - EURECO Distinguised Lecture Series. Design: peter lübben photography.

8th of February

The Tale of Political Economy in the European Integration Process 
EURECO Professor Ben Rosamond, Department of Political Science, 
University of Copenhagen

22nd of February

The Legend of Externalizing Europe - a Legal Perspective 
EURECO Assistant Professor Bart Van Vooren, Faculty of Law, 
University of Copenhagen

8th of March

The Story of Europe in Everyday Life - the Presence of EU in a Visual Symbolic Landscape
EURECO Postdoc Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Faculty of Humanities, 
University of Copenhagen.

22nd of March

The Legend of the Transatlantic Relationship – How Human Rights Influence on the Shape of Legal Identity
Professor Helle Porsdam, the SAXO Institute, Faculty of Humanities, 
University of Copenhagen.

12th of April

A Tale of Bureaucracy: The European Commission and the Difficulties of Improving Its Image
EURECO Assistant Professor Caroline Grøn, Centre for European Politics (CEP),
Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

3rd of May

The Saga of Europeanization: Affirmations of Ordinary Life in the Process of European Integration
EURECO Professor Hans-Jörg Trenz, Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES),
Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.