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29. marts 2017

Professor Marlene Wind keynote speaker til DIIS arrangement

Torsdag den 30. marts var Marlene Wind en af hovedtalerne ved et arrangement af Dansk Institut for International Studier (DIIS) om Europa efter det hollandske valg.

Om eventet skriver DIIS:

In recent years, the terms of the European debate and scholarship have changed dramatically. The Euro-crisis, the refugee crisis and the Brexit vote have all contributed to an inward-looking turn in both policies and perceptions. The fate of European integration appears to be decided in the member states, not in Brussels. Sixty years after the Treaty of Rome, the goal of an “ever closer Union” seems to be an increasingly distant proposition.

The results of the forthcoming general elections in the Netherlands are a first litmus test of the reach and depth of this dynamics. Dutch politics, and its exceptional degree of fragmentation, make it difficult to predict a ‘populist’ turning point comparable to Brexit or Donald Trump’s victory. The March 15th election may mark a transformative moment in Dutch politics, but not one that necessarily has a populist outcome. After the election and at the start of what are likely to be complex coalition negotiations, a reflection upon the ramifications of the Dutch result for European politics in general, and on the upcoming elections in France and Germany in particular is warranted.

Against this background, the Danish Institute for International Studies and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Copenhagen invite to this public seminar in the aftermath of the Dutch election on the results, consequences and implications for Europe.

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