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03. april 2017

Professor Dorte Sindbjerg med ny publikation

Mandag d. 27. marts udkom den seneste publikation i Journal of European Public Policy, og denne var blandt andet forfattet af professor ved Center for Europæisk Politik Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen.

Artiklen bærer titlen:”Filling the gap in the European administrative space: the role of administrative networks in EU implementation and enforcement,” og er medforfattet af Ellen Mastenbroek.

Publikationen har til formål at systematisere et akademisk fokus på ”European Administrative Networks (EAN)” implementering. Som forskerne selv skriver det:

European administrative networks (EANs) are a key building block of the European Administrative Space (EAS). Crucially, they are to fill the gap between the EU’s policy ambitions and its limited administrative capacities. Whereas ample research has been done on policy preparation networks, the role of implementing EANs has received less attention in the EAS literature. This article fills this gap by providing a systematic review of relevant insights in four adjacent literatures: EU governance; international relations; public administration; and EU compliance.”

Hele artiklen kan tilgås her.