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Publikationer fra 2014

Publikationer fra centeret for 2014

  • Adler-Nissen, Rebecca (2014) 'Power in Practice: Negotiating the international intervention in Libya', European Journal of International Relations, 20(4): 889-911.
  • Adler-Nissen, Rebecca (2014) Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration. UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Adler-Nissen, Rebecca (2014) 'The Faroe Islands: Independence dreams, globalist separatism and the Europeanization of postcolonial home rule', i Rebecca Adler-Nissen & Ulrik Pram Gad (red.) Cooperation & Conflict, 49(1): 55-79.
  • Adler-Nissen, Rebecca (2014) 'Stigma Management in International Relations: Transgressive Identities, Norms, and Order in International Society', International Organization, 68(1): 143–176.
  • Adler-Nissen, Rebecca (2014) 'Symbolic power in European diplomacy: the struggle between national foreign services and the EU's External Action ServiceReview of International Studies. 40 (4), s. 657-681.
  • Baroni, Laura, Brendan J Carroll, Adam William Chalmers, Luz Maria Muñoz Marquez & Anne Rasmussen (2014) 'Defining and Classifying Interest Groups', Interest Groups and Advocacy, 3(2): 141-159.
  • Börzel, Tanja A., Mads Dagnis Jensen and Christoph Knill (2014) 'Perspectives on European Governance in Comparative Perspective. Interests, Institutions and Policy-Making', Kolleg-Forschergruppe (KFG) - Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Dinesen, Ruxandra Lupu & Anders Wivel (2014) 'Georgia and Moldova: Caught in the outskirts of Europe?', i Clive Archer, Alyson Bailes & Anders Wivel (red.) Small States and International Security: Europe and Beyond, London: Routledge, s. 149-166.
  • Gad, Ulrik Pram (2014) 'Greenland: a post-Danish sovereign nation state in the making', i Rebecca Adler-Nissen & Ulrik Pram Gad (red.) Cooperation & Conflict, 49(1): 98-118.
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis, Christel Koop & Michaël Tatham (2014) 'Coping with power dispersion? Autonomy, co-ordination and control in multilevel systems', i Mads Dagnis Jensen, Christel Koop & Michaël Tatham (red.) Journal of European Public Policy, 21(9): 1237-1254.
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis (2014) 'Negotiating the morass: Measuring and explaining variation in co-ordination mechanisms in the European Union', i Mads Dagnis Jensen, Christel Koop & Michaël Tatham (red.) Journal of European Public Policy, 21(9): 1273-1292.
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis (2014) 'Game Changing - Tracing the Positions, Strategies and Interaction Modes of the German Länder towards the (Ever Expanding?) European Union', Regional & Federal Studies, 24(3): 263-280.
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis (2014), "Europa-Parlamentet og Repræsentationen af De Nordiske Befolkninger", Økonomi & Politik, 87(2).
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis & Yosef Bhatti (2014) "Europa-Parlamentet efter Lissabon", Økonomi & Politik, 87(2).
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis (2014) 'Negotiating the morass: measuring and explaining variation in coordination mechanisms in the European Union', Journal of European Public Policy, 21(9).
  • Jensen, Mads Dagnis & Peter Nedergaard (2014) 'Uno, Duo, Trio? Varieties of Trio Presidencies in the Council of Ministers', Journal of Common Market Studies.
  • Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg & Ayca Uygur Wessel (2014) 'On the path to differentiation: upward transfer, logic of variation and sub-optimality in EU social policy', i Mads Dagnis Jensen, Christel Koop & Michaël Tatham (red.) Journal of European Public Policy, 21(9): 1255-1272.
  • Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg & Hans Vollaard (2014) 'Implementing Social Europe in Times of Crises: Re-established Boundaries of Welfare?', West European Politics, 37(4): 677-693.
  • Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg & Hans Vollaard (2014) 'Bounded Rationality in Transposition Processes: The Case of the European Patients’ Rights Directive', West European Politics, 37(4): 711-732
  • Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg & Mads Dagnis Jensen (2014) “Out of Time? National Parliaments and Early Decision-Making in the European Union” in Government and Opposition.
  • Nedergaard, Peter & Mads Dagnis Jensen (2014) 'Representation. Who is Sitting in the EU’s Chair at the UN? Member States, Presidencies and the Commission', i Amandine Orsini (red.) The European Union with(in) International Organisations. Farnham: Ashgate, s. 55-71.
  • Nedergaard, Peter & Mads Dagnis Jensen (2014) 'The Anatomy of Intergroups – Networks in the political engine room of the European Parliament', Policy Studies.
  • Nedergaard, Peter & Mads Dagnis Jensen (2014) Uno, Duo, Trio? Varieties of Trio Presidencies in the Council of Ministers, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 52(5).
  • Nedergaard, Peter (2014) Tyskland - en grundbog i politik og økonomi. København: Systime.
  • Nedergaard, Peter (2014) 'Lobbying in the EU Comitology System' med Rikke Wetendorff Nørgaard & Jens Blom-Hansen, Journal of European Integration.
  • Nielsen, Julie Hassing (2014) 'Why Use Experiments in EU Studies?', Comparative European Politics (early online view).
  • Nørgaard, Rikke Wetendorff, Peter Nedergaard & Jens Blom-Hansen (2014) 'Lobbying in the EU Comitology System', Journal of European Integration.
  • Rasmussen, Anne & Vlad Gross (2014) 'Biased Access? Exploring Selection to Advisory Committees', European Political Science Review, Firstview.
  • Rosamond, Ben (2014) 'Three Ways of Speaking Europe to the World: Markets, Peace, Cosmopolitan Duty and the EU's Normative Power', British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 16(1): 133-148.
  • Vasev, Nikolay & Karsten Vrangbæk (2014) 'Transposition and National-Level Resources: Introducing the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive in Eastern Europe', West European Politics, 37(4): 693-711.
  • Wind, Marlene (2014) 'Who Is Afraid of European Constitutionalism? The Nordic Distress with Judicial Review and Constitutional Democracy'iCourts Workingpaper, 12: 1-20.