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Here you can find all the previous research columns published in CEP newsletters. 


June - Director and Professor Marlene Wind: Why the british 'leave-vote' may end up rescuing rather than undermining the EU.

April - Professor Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen: EU Free Movement of People and the Danish Welfare State. A Positive Fiscal Impact.


October - Student assistants Christina la Cour and Clara Lambert: Unravelling a well-tossed bowl of spaghetti, or: Surveying the debate on the Danish Justice and Home Affairs opt-out in the light of the refugee crisis.

July - Associate Professor Jens Ladefoged: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Setting Global Standards?

March - Professor Ian Manners: The Political Psychology of European Integration – being mindful of Europe


October - Professor Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen: Patients' Rights in Cross Border Healthcare - Grand Expectations Unfulfilled?

June - Post. doc. Holly Snaith: What do Eurovision and the Eurozone have in Common?

February - PhD fellow Nikolay Vasev: Fog in Channel - Great Britain cut off


October - PhD fellow Ayca Uygur: Hrant Dink Murder Trial after almost Seven Years: Is there no justice for Turkey's Armenians?

June - Research Coordinator Majka Holm: Croatia's EU Accesion

March - Post. doc. Julie Hassing Nielsen: Will Enhanced popular participation do             the trick?


December - Assistant Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen: European Foreign Policy: Beyond National Diplomacy?

October - Professor Marlene Wind: Danish EU Membership turns 40 - have the Danes     turned their back on the EU?

June - Professor Peter Nedergaard: The Danish EU Presidency - an Evaluation

March - Post. doc. Mads Dagnis Jensen: EU-formandskab på polsk (in danish)


December - PhD fellow Lau Blaxekjær: The EU at COP17 and the question of global       leadership

May - Professor Ben Rosamond: Do Europeans want more economic governance from the EU?

March - Professor Emeritus Morten Kelstrup: Ny dynamik og nye modsætninger i EU (in danish)


December - Associate Professor Jens Ladefoged Mortensen: EU's handelspolitik (in danish)

October - Assistant Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen: EU's fælles diplomati (in danish)

July - Professor MSO Martin Marcussen: Finanstilsynet i en europæisk og dansk kontekst (in danish)

February - Professor Peter Nedergaard: Situationen efter COP15 set med europæiske øjne (in danish)


October - Professor Marlene Wind: EU's ny menneskerettighedskommissær (in danish)