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The Danish 'No' 20 years Later

On the 1 – 2 of November, Centre for European Politics hosted a conference on the Danish ‘no’ to the Maastricht treaty 20 years later. The conference was organized in collaboration with University of Surrey, UACES, and the daily Danish newspaper ‘Politiken’ . The conference consisted of presentations by and debates between former Danish politicians whom were active in the referendum in 1992 , British and Danish researchers, public officials who have worked with British and Danish EU policy and journalists.

You can hear the two keynote adresses by Sir Stephen Wall speaking under the heading - Maastricht: Integration or Dis-integration?" and Hans Martenson the future challenges of the EU countries, by clicking on the names. In addition you can also see the following discussion with the audience after both keynote speeches on video here: Sir Stephen Wall, Hans Martens


Panel session with Danish politicians whom gave their interpretation of the events of 1992 and how this has effected Denmark and the EU up until today . From the left: Niels Helveg Petersen, Drude Dahlerup, Uffe Elleman-Jensen and Jens Peter Bonde.



Panel session giving a historical perspective on the events of 1992 with Professor Marlene Wind (director of CEP) acting as moderator on a discussion between (from the left) historian of ideas Uffe Østergaard, Chief editor of the European Voice Tim King and chief editor of ‘Politiken’ and historian Bo Lidegaard.



Current and former Danish public officials. From the left Peter Biering, Poul Skytte Christoffersen and Per Lachmann.



Panel Session on the Danish opt-outs with CEP researchers Assistant Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen and Professor Ben Rosamond as moderator and also Professor Alex Warleigh-Lack from Surrey University.


The audience also had the opportunity to participate in the debate and ask questions. Here professor Emeritus Morten Kelstrup with a question for the panel.