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Conor Little

Conor Little


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    My research interests include political parties, political careers, the comparative politics of climate change, and Irish politics. I was awarded a PhD by the European University Institute for my thesis on Green parties in governing coalitions in March 2014. I am involved in a number of collaborative projects, including the Climate Policy and Political Parties project and the Political Party Database Working Group

    My research project at the University of Copenhagen is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Social Sciences (FSE). It is situated at the intersections of research on governmental stability, party politics, and political careers. It aims to contribute to our understanding of governmental stability at the level of parties and individuals, which in turn is closely related to political stability, accountability, policy, and party system change. Within the Department of Political Science, my project is hosted by the Centre for Voting and Parties and I am also a member of the Centre for European Politics

    At the University of Copenhagen, I have developed and taught the following courses at postgraduate level:

    - Comparative Public Policy

    - Parties in government. Who gets in? Who gets what? How long does it last?

    - Ministerial careers in comparative perspective

    I have also contributed to undergraduate teaching on Comparative Politics.

    Selected publications

    1. Published

      Ministerial Importance and Survival in Government: Tough at the Top?

      Bright, J., Döring, H. & Little, C. 1 May 2015 In : West European Politics. 38, 3, p. 441-464 24 p., 2

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

    2. Published

      Implementing Democratic Equality in Political Parties: Organisational Consequences in the Swedish and the German Pirate Parties

      Bolleyer, N., von Nostitz, F-C. & Little, C. 1 Jun 2015 In : Scandinavian Political Studies. 38, 2, p. 158-178 21 p., 3

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

    3. Published

      Green parties in government

      Little, C. 2016 Green parties in Europe. Van Haute, E. (ed.). London; N.Y.: Routledge, p. 265-279

      Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

    4. Published

      Environmental Challenges

      Little, C. & Torney, D. 1 Jun 2015 The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy. Jørgensen, K. E., Aarstad, Å. K., Laatikainen, K. V., Drieskens, E. & Tonra, B. (eds.). London: Sage Publications, Incorporated, Vol. 2, p. 1013-1028 15 p. (Sage Publications).

      Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

    ID: 124413624