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CEP researchers

Anders WivelProfessor with special responsibilities  E-mail
Anne RasmussenProfessor +45 353-20503E-mail
Ben RosamondProfessor +45 353-23395E-mail
Caroline Louise Howard GrønAssociate professor +45 353-23437E-mail
Conor Edward LittlePostdoc +45 353-37958E-mail
Ditte Maria Brasso SørensenPhD fellow +45 353-23791E-mail
Dorte Sindbjerg MartinsenProfessor +45 353-23426E-mail
Henrik LarsenProfessor with special responsibilities, Jean Monnet +45 353-23417E-mail
Ian James MannersProfessor +45 353-23854E-mail
Jens Ladefoged MortensenAssociate professor +45 353-23448E-mail
Jessica Maria Sampson ThierryPhD fellow +45 353-34880E-mail
Joelle DumouchelAssistant professor +45 353-34158E-mail
Karsten RonitAssociate professor +45 353-23402E-mail
Majka Julie HolmResearch coordinator +45 353-23433E-mail
Marlene WindProfessor +45 353-23429E-mail
Martin MarcussenProfessor  E-mail
Martin Vinæs LarsenResearch assistant +45 353-24637E-mail
Michael BossettaPhD fellow +45 353-31226E-mail
Peter NedergaardProfessor +45 353-23408E-mail
Priya Dershini ParmalingamPhD fellow +45 353-24640E-mail
Rebecca Adler-NissenProfessor +45 353-23397E-mail
Regitze Helene FrederiksenStudent  E-mail
Wiebke Marie JunkPhD fellow +45 353-32323E-mail